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MGA Organization

Multi-GNSS Asia (MGA) is an organization whose aim is to promote multi-GNSS utilization and applications in the Asia and Oceania region.

Organization Chart

Steering Committee

1) Members
Teruyuki KatoEarthquake Research Institute, the University of TokyoJapanCo-chair (2015-) /
Disaster Mitigation and Management WG
Ta Hai TungHanoi University of Science and TechnologyVietnamCo-chair (2016-) / Appointed (Academia) 2015-
Noboru NoguchiHokkaido University JapanPrecise Positioning WG2011-
Naohiko Kohtake Keio University Japan LBS WG / Capacity Building WG (SYP) 2011-
Sorawit Narupiti Chulalongkorn University Thailand ITS WG 2011-
Noordin Ahmad Malaysian National Space Agency (ANGKASA) Malaysia Appointed (ASEAN countries) 2011-
David A. TurnerDepartment of StateUSAAppointed (ICG)2011-
Rainer HornGNSS.asiaGermanyAppointed (Industry)2015-
Nobuaki Kubo Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology Japan Capacity Building WG (SYP) 2017-
Suelynn Choy Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) Australia Appointed (Public Relations) 2017-

2) Advisors
Akio Yasuda Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology Japan Advisor (2016-) / Fmr. Co-chair (2011-2015) 2011-
Chris Rizos University of New South Wales Australia Advisor (2016-) / Fmr. Co-chair (2011-2016) 2011-

Infrastructure Establishment

Establishment of the Multi-GNSS observation network

  • Is aimed to generate precise orbit & clock offset estimation and prediction, time offset bias among multi-GNSS systems, iono, tropospheric delay, and other beneficial information for experiments.
  • Is to be promoted in collaboration with IGS and other related organizations.

Applications Development and Demonstration

Joint Development of Multi-GNSS applications

  • Is aimed to demonstrate benefits of multi-GNSS use as well as importance of interoperability among multi-GNSS systems.
  • Is to be promoted by groups or teams which are to be established by each interest and requirement depending on their services, applications field and countries.
  • A group or team is to be structured by universities, industries and local.

Workshop Organizing

Asia Oceania Regional Workshop on GNSS

  • Is aimed to discuss the future joint project and announce the status and the results of the existing projects annually.