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About Workshop

The third

Asia Oceania Regional Workshop on GNSS
2nd - 3rd November 2011, Jeju-Island, Korea
(1st November : the discussion session
as Pre-workshop event by KARI and JAXA)

The Third Asia Oceania Regional Workshop on GNSS was successfully held with 86 participants from 9 countries in Korea, Jeju. In the workshop. In the workshop, five Multi-GNSS application experiments were endorsed as the Multi-GNSS Demonstration Campaign. Please refer to the Chairman's Report for the Workshop. The materials of the second GNSS Workshop have been available for the participants.

WorkshopWrapUP.pdf Chairman's Report

Agenda.pdf Agenda

The 3rd Asia Oceania Regional Workshop on GNSS will be held in Jeju-Island, Korea, 2nd - 3rd November 2011, jointly organized by GNSS Technology Council (GTC), the Korea Aerospace Research Institute (KARI), the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA), and the Satellite Positioning Research and Application Center (SPAC) of Japan, supported by International Committee on GNSS (ICG) and International GNSS Service (IGS). At this Workshop, the results of performance improvement of Multi-GNSS, including the technical and application verification results of “MICHIBIKI,” will be presented. The participants will share and discuss the specific plans of such as lending rule of Multi-GNSS receiver, application guideline of joint experiments for the Multi-GNSS utilization in the Asia Oceania Region, including in the various application fields, in order to promote Multi-GNSS application demonstration from the next year.
International organizations, government agencies, companies, universities and research institutes which have an interest in the utilization of multi-constellation GNSS are especially welcomed to participate in and to contribute to this workshop.

Date and Location:

Date: 2nd – 3rd November 2011
On 1st November, the discussion session will be organized
by KARI and JAXA as Pre-workshop event.
Jeju-Island, Korea

Draft Agenda:

1st November:(Pre Workshop Event)

Discussion about the purpose, technology, outcomes of Multi GNSS Demonstration Campaign in the respective themes with a series of discussion groups which the participants choose at the time of registration.

  1. 1. Discussion Guidance (AM / 11:00 ~ 12:00)
    Incl. Introduction of Asia-Oceania Multi GNSS Demonstration Campaign
  2. 2. Group Discussions (PM / 13:00 ~ 17:00)
    *Discussion sessions will be held in parallel Jointly by KARI and JAXA
    • A) Multi-GNSS Network Construction
    • B) Precise Positioning (Machine control for agriculture and construction)
    • C) Disaster Management
    • D) Intelligent Transportation System (ITS)
    • E) Location Based Service (LBS)
2nd November:
  1. 3. Welcome Speech (9:00~)
  2. 4. Keynote Speech
  3. 5. Current Status of GNSS systems
    Introduction of Asia-Oceania Multi GNSS Demonstration Campaign
  4. 6. GNSS applications session (13:00 ~ 15:00)
  5. 7. QZSS Demonstration (15:30 ~ 17:00)
3rd November:
  1. 8. Closing Session (10:00 ~ 12:00)
    • A) Wrap up of group discussion
    • B) Wrap up of workshop