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Multi GNSS Asia

The Asia and Oceania region is a unique place where the
number of usable modernized navigation satellites will
increase much faster than other areas in the world.


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About MGA

Asia Oceania Region is a Showcase of New GNSS
(Global Navigation Satellite Systems).

The Asia and Oceania region is a unique place where usable and modernized navigation satellites will increase in number much faster than other areas in the world. We will see great improvement of Position, Navigation and Timing (PNT) capability and hence there is a great opportunity to try, test, validate and start new services and business with new receivers, hardware, software, algorithms and applications to address user requirements.
MGA is an international organization based on voluntary contributions of experts in governmental, industrial and academic sectors. It aims at helping you learn about and start your projects with new GNSS in Asia and Oceania region.

MGA Activity

Three pillars of MGA activities

1.MGA Conference and Exhibition

MGA conference is organized annually in the Asia Oceania region. It provides opportunities to see changes of GNSS and PNT landscape, latest technologies, products and services, in addition to R&D projects and achievements. Networking for Business, Policy-making and Research Challenges can be accelerated very effectively by attending the MGA conference.

2.Networking and Capacity Building via Webinar, Workshops and Forum.

GNSS and PNT technologies are changing very rapidly. Innovative applications and services could be launched very quickly at regional to global level. To catch up with such rapid changes of PNT technology and business landscape, effective and quick information collection, networking with business/governmental/academic communities, and capacity building for better understanding are indispensable. MGA provides the opportunities through Webinar, Regional Workshops and Networking Forum.

3. Infrastructure Sharing

To handle and evaluate the latest performance of new GNSS constellations, MGA help obtain satellite signals by sharing and even establishing base stations. You can easily evaluate and compare the performance of GNSS, receivers, application systems, even start experiments.

Join us

Join Multi-GNSS Asia

We appreciate your interest in joining Multi-GNSS Asia (MGA). MGA is an international organization to promote Asia-Oceania Multi-GNSS Demonstration Campaign, as well as is a volunteer based organization which enables the sharing of human networks and updated technologies for Multi-GNSS utilization.

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