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History of MGA Conference

Date Place Theme Co-Host
11th 16-28 Aug, 2019
Bangkok, Thailand
10th 23-25 Oct, 2018
Melbourne, Australia
Creating Solutions. Driving Innovation. Connecting Industry Australian Government,, European Commission
9th 9-11 Oct, 2017 Jakarta, Indonesia Next Generation Multi-GNSS Resillient Solutions for Sustainable Development LAPAN, BELS,, QSS, JAXA
8th 14-16 Nov, 2016 Manila, Philipines Providing Solutions by Multi-GNSS and Other Space Applications in the Asia-Pacific Region Univ. Philippines, NAMRIA, Phivolcs, BELS,, JAXA, QSS
7th 7-9 Dec, 2015 Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei Soartech, BELS,, JAXA, QSS, SPAC
6th 5, 9-11 Oct, 2014 Phuket, Thailand NSTDA, G-NAVIS, JAXA, SPAC, QSS
5th 1-3 Dec, 2013 Hanoi, Vietnam G-NAVIS, HUST, JAXA, SPAC, QSS
4th 8-10 Dec, 2012 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia ANGKASA, JAXA, G-NAVIS, SPAC
3rd 2-3 Nov, 2011
Jeju-island, Korea
2nd 21-22 Nov, 2010
Melbourne, Australia
1st 25-26 January 2010
Bangkok, Thailand

1. MGA Conference and Exhibition

  • To share the latest advancements to the GNSS and PNT landscape, the MGA conference is organized annually in a different location across the Asia- Oceania region. Delegates can also find out about new technologies, products and services, updates on R&D projects and achievements. The conference attracts participants from industry, government and academia from around the world, making its networking opportunities second-to- none.

2. Networking and Capacity Building via Webinar, Workshops and Forum.

  • To make sure you’re on top of rapidly changing technological developments in GNSS, PNT technologies and its utilization in the business landscape, MGA hosts webinars, regional workshops and networking forums. Allowing participants to network with the broader business, government and academic communities all the while building capacity for understanding the latest trends in GNSS.

3. Infrastructure and Knowledge Sharing

  • To handle and evaluate the latest performance of new GNSS constellations, MGA helps obtain satellite signals by sharing and even establishing reference stations. Participants can easily evaluate and compare the performance of GNSS signals, receivers, application systems and even start their own experiments.

Applications Development and Demonstration

Joint Development of Multi-GNSS applications

  • Aimed to demonstrate benefits of multi-GNSS use as well as importance of interoperability among multi-GNSS systems.
  • To be promoted by groups or teams which are to be established by each interest and requirement depending on their services, applications field and countries.
  • Group or team to be structured by universities, industries and local.

Workshop Organizing and Demonstration

The Asia and Oceania Regional Workshop on GNSS

  • Aimed to discuss future joint project and announce the status and the results of the existing projects annually.
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