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How to Join Multi-GNSS Asia

MGA Joining Flow Chart

  1. Sent Letter of Intent and Appendix to MGA Secretariat
  2. Approval by MGA Steering Committee
  3. Approval by MGA Steering Committee Receipt of Written Approval Receipt of Account of enter MGA wiki. Information sharing Website Organization Name is posted on the Website Mailing List Member (1. MGA Participant/ 2. Each Working Group)
We appreciate your interest in joining Multi-GNSS Asia (MGA). MGA is an international organization to promote the Asia and Oceania Multi-GNSS Demonstration Campaign, as well as is a volunteer based organization which enables the sharing of human networks and updated technologies for Multi-GNSS utilization. For the conditions and responsibilities of MGA membership, please refer to the Terms of Reference Basically the unit of MGA registration should be each organization, but in the case of University or Research Institute, it is acceptable to register each department / laboratory in your organization. If your organization would like to become a member of MGA, please send a Letter of Intent (LOI) and an Appendix to the secretariat of MGA.

Letter of Intent (LOI)

The signatory of LOI should be a Director level or higher. In the case of University or Research Institute, the signatory might be a head person of registration unit such as department / laboratory. We don’t have an official format for the LOI, so please use a convenient format. The LOI should include the following items (1 and 2 are required items);
  • 1 [REQUIRED] How to contribute to Multi-GNSS Demonstration Campaign such as proposing joint experiments and new GNSS applications and providing multi-GNSS receivers for the demonstrations.
  • 2 [REQUIRED] Working group which you would like to participate in (including network sub-committee, Please refer to the following table)
  • 3. Your particular interesting GNSS applications (Please refer to the examples in the following table)
Network sub-committee and proposed working groups Examples of GNSS applications
Network sub-committee Multi-GNSS Monitoring Network, ionospheric and tropospheric observation,
Precise Positioning WG Precise Agriculture, Construction machine guidance/control
Disaster Mitigation and Management WG Tsunami monitoring, GNSS Meteorology, Landslide Monitoring
Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) WG Probe-car, Mobile Mapping System, Road Pricing, Car-navigation,
Location Based Services (LBS) WG Mobile phone, Pedestrian Navigation, Short message, Sightseeing application


Appendix should include the following information; Contributing Persons:Please write down the name who actually contributes the MGA activities more than 1 participant. In case of any changes in above, please immediately inform us.

How to join

Please send a scanned PDF file of LOI and Appendix via e-mail or Original ones by airmail.

After approval by the MGA Steering Committee, we will send the written approval by e-mail. If you would like us to mail you, please inform us accordingly. As well as we will inform you the acceptance of your application with Multi-GNSS Wiki (information sharing wiki) account. Your organization will be added to mailing list (1. MGA Participant / 2. Each Working Group) and will be put on the participants list on the website.
If there is any questions, please contact MGA Secretariat.

e-mail : secretariat(at) (at) -> @

Sample Letter of Intent (LOI) Appendix
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