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Webinar Series # 8

MGA Regular Webinar Series # 8

Date: 2018/12/6 (Thu)

Time: 5:00- 6:00PM (JST)

Participation: Free



[MGA Regular Webinar Series # 8]

Topic: GNSS Raw Data Measurement from Android Device


Speaker: Prof. Dinesh Manandhar, The University of Tokyo


Keywords: GNSS Raw Data, Android Location Engine, Smart-Phone GNSS


GNSS raw data measurement is possible from Android devices with OS version 7.0 or higher. Many android devices are now capable to output GNSS raw data that can be used for high-accuracy PVT (Positioning Velocity Time) computation using RTK (Real Time Kinematic). Even android devices with dual-frequency GNSS receiver are now available. For example, Xiaomi Mi8 has dual frequency GNSS receiver.


The output raw data contains not only carrier phase and pseudo range but also navigation frame data bits and AGS values. These data provide enormous opportunities to new applications that were not possible before in a smart-phone device. For example, GNSS signal authentication, interference and jamming monitoring can be done within the smart-phone devices now.


In this webinar, we will discuss about how to log GNSS raw data, Tools and APPs to log data, compatible android devices and some raw data analysis logged by Xiaomi Mi8 mobile-phone with dual frequency GNSS receiver.


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